Although there is a suspicion that even the Romans played a variant of roulette is actually since the 17th century known only in a form that we can still trace. The mathematician Blaise Pascal, who is well known in France, is the inventor of the wheel that we still use in the game. He also devised most of the rules. On the wheel of Blaise Pascal was missing the 0, which is only added later to the advantage of the bank / house to make bigger.

From Europe, the game has been able to establish itself all over the world. Even in the United States, the game can no longer be ignored. In the past it was mainly played by the workers who sought distraction to the large tables that can still be found in Las Vegas. However, the Americans have added one big change to the game, as thought up in France; namely the 00 (double zero). Do you have a lot to do here as a player? No, in contrast, the odds are getting smaller.

Roulette Game

Roulete game is simple, the ball is turned by the croupier in the opposite direction as the wheel. If the wheel and the balls start to turn softer, they will meet in one of the 37 squares. (Play your American roulette out of 38 squares, outside the 0 there is also a 00. This ensures that you as a player have less chances of winning than in French Roulette, also called advantage of the house)

The console with the rotating wheel has 37 (or 38 slots) numbered from 0 to 36, divided over the colors red and black. Only the 0 deviates, it has the green color. In addition, the playing field is a large board on which you, as a player, place your bet on a certain subject or place several courses. The squares on the playing field correspond to the squares on the game table (wheel). There is a maximum number of players per game round. Usually this is 10 but that can be different. You can play free Roulette.

How to play roulette online

The gameplay in roulette will be the same as in a real gambling hall, only now you have the opportunity to always join such a table. 24 hours a day they will be open where you will bet on numbers to get a profit. If you play the virtual form there will be no croupier, in live roulette, a croupier is shown. You can decide on the right below the color chips and use it to make an effort on your favorite song or just random numbers. After the bet has been placed, the wheel will start to spin and a ball will be thrown in the other direction. After the ball lands in one of the slots of the roulette wheel, it will be checked whether you have bet on that number.

The casino game online roulette is mainly popular because of high payouts. Partly because of the nice design nowadays at online casinos, it will be even more exciting. You will immediately feel at home because of the Dutch atmosphere that they have created. These are Dutch online casinos where everything is easy to understand because your games play in your native language. View the overview of the top sites below.


Guess where the roulette ball will land

With every round of play, you place your bet on the table as a player. It is a game of chance so you decide where you think the ball is going to fall. Here you can choose from many options; betting on a single number, on a series of numbers, odd, even, black or red and so on.

If every player places the bet, the croupier will indicate that you can no longer bet and turn the wheel. The ball is then turned in the opposite direction. Usually it takes a few seconds to spin and the ball falls into the winning box. If you have the number right, the color or bet on a series in which the winning number falls then you want. Have you bet on a different number, series, color, etc., than in the bet for the bank.

The game works that simple. There are no difficult calculations or other strategies, it is a game of chance where you win or lose. Of course there are always people who hold whole theories, but there is no substantiation for this. Everything is based on coincidence in roulette.

What are the roulette strategies

Although roulette is a real game of chance, there are a number of strategies that are often used by players. They are not always proven effective but can offer a nice handle. Below we explain the three best known, in order from easy to difficult:

D’Alembert Strategy; 

this strategy is perhaps the most well-known and used strategy in roulette and can help you gain profit online. Simply put, every time you lose the bet, you double the next bet. If you win the round, you lower the next bet by 50%. According to the calculation, you always end up with a profit. Where is the trap then? If you do not have an inexhaustible bank account and the minimum and maximum bet of your game table. Yet this is relatively the safest strategy to play roulette. Read more about roulette games online below.

Martingale; you follow this strategy by just using the chance simple, ex; either black or red, or high or low, or even or odd. You continue to follow this choice and after each loss you also double the bet here. Again, you should always end with a profit. Risks to this approach are again the maximum bet per table. In addition, roulette remains a game of chance, so the chance that it will turn red is the same size that it turns black. With a certain color not winning several times in a row but doubling it can ensure that the money flies to the side of the bank.

James Bond Strategy;

James Bond; the possibilities in the films are endless, which also gives James Bond its own strategy. But beware, using high amounts is actually necessary to make this strategy a success and only works with the European version of roulette. How does it work; as a player you only bet on columns. In doing so, you opt for seventy percent to bet on the high numbers (19-36). 25% of your bet you place on the column with the numbers 13-18 and the last five percent is for the 0. At the numbers 13-36 and the 0 you win, at the numbers 1-12 you lose. The odds are therefore higher than 50%.

If you want to make it all the more exciting then there is always the possibility to combine two strategies when playing European Roulette. Namely the James Bond and Martingale. Fast way of playing and possibly taking a profit. But the losses can also be big.

Roulette pay-out types

Place your bet as a player. Wait for the number to be won. After each round, the croupier pays out and takes the lost bet. The winnings are paid out as follows:

  • Betting on a single number = bet x 36
  • Bet on two numbers at a time: bet x 17
  • Betting on three numbers at a time = bet x 11
  • Bet on four numbers at a time = bet x 8
  • Betting on six numbers at a time = bet x 5
  • Bet on 12 numbers at the same time (1-12, 13-24, 25-36) = bet x 2
  • Betting on black / red high / low or even / odd = bet x 1

Important to know

In order to be able to play roulette well at an online casino, it is important to keep a close eye on a number of things. The ultimate goal of the game is to estimate where the ball will fall, no more and no less. You do not play against the other players at the table but against the bank, also called the house.

If you want to earn your living with gambling, roulette is not recommended. You always play against the bank / house, the game is based on coincidence and as a player you are generally at a disadvantage. If you want to make your work from your hobby (gambling), you better take a look at poker. There are indeed a number of theories and strategies underlying this and you actually play against other players.

As a player you can bet until the croupier indicates that it is no longer allowed to bet. Do you want to bet on a course that another player has already used? This is possible by placing your own commitment on top of it.

At almost every roulette table we work with a minimum and maximum bet. Before starting a game, look carefully at these numbers. This way you avoid too high a bet but also disappointment if it goes well in the game and you want to increase your bet. Does the amount of commitment not match your wishes, often there are other tables with different options.

Play Roulette Online

At roulette, it often makes sense not to go for the highest profit distribution but to spread the odds. The revenue per time profit may be lower, but the losses are also lower. Eventually you can play as longer or even as a player or even profit. View the best welcome bonuses for online casinos here .

If you start playing online roulette, try the site first. By far the most online providers you can find a free module to see if the game actually suits you and on which you can try and play. This way you know whether you want to use the real money here or if you prefer to look elsewhere. Playing roulette online is especially fun and exciting!

Playing online roulette at a casino is fun. You can run it from your home and even on your iPad, iPhone or laptop. This way you can place a bet on the gaming tables at an internet casino at any time of the day. We have made various providers available for this type of roulette game. Are you a new player? Do not know what a good casino is to start your journey to online gambling? Read on for more information on the game of roulette.

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